In the event the UK, and therefore Gibraltar, leaves the European Union, Tradewise customers will be affected in a number of ways.

Whilst there are still many uncertainties surrounding Brexit and the impact it will have on cross border insurance some of the most immediate changes are listed below.

Green Cards (GC) will be physically required by EEA motorists driving in Gibraltar / UK (and by Gibraltar / UK motorists driving in the EEA). If you are towing a caravan or a trailer (above a certain size / weight) you will need two green cards, one for your motor vehicle and one for your caravan or trailer. Tradewise issue Green Cards as standard documentation along with the rest of your policy documentation so you will not need to request any additional documents from us.

4th Directive (4D) claims are likely to disappear. A 4D claim is where an accident takes place in a country which is not the country of residence of the victim but he / she is permitted to pursue the claim in their home country. Unless an agreement is reached on this area prior to the UK leaving the EU any claimant will have to pursue the claim in the country where the accident occurred or the defendant resides.

Legal expenses products and claims handling may also be affected. We anticipate that any proceedings will be brought against the defendant driver / insured instead the insurance company as is currently the case. The defendant driver / insured would receive any court papers and pass these on to his / her insurer in this scenario.

In respect of policyholders and beneficiaries who reside outside Gibraltar and the UK Tradewise will cease offering new or renewed insurance cover. In the case of the Republic of Ireland, Portugal and Cyprus, this will be effective immediately. We will also be gradually reducing our presence in the Spanish insurance market. Communication will follow to all policyholders and beneficiaries on this matter. If you have already taken out your insurance policy with us we will provide insurance cover as normal until your policy expires provided we continue to be so permitted by the law in the jurisdiction concerned. We strongly recommend our existing customers who reside outside the UK and Gibraltar take the necessary steps to ensure they will have insurance cover once their Tradewise policies expire.


Tradewise Insurance Company Ltd. Head Quarters Europort

The position regarding the payment of claims is not yet clear and it is possible that, after the UK exiting the EU, claims will not be permitted to be paid. This prohibition could be either immediate, or after a transitional period. This is entirely beyond our control.

Tradewise are engaging with our home regulator and all our EU regulators to ensure we can provide our customers with the most up to date advice possible following the UK departure from the EU. We will keep this page updated with the latest Brexit developments as they relate to your insurance policy.